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Wrinkle removing nutrients: Recommendations for skin tone skin aging.

The most important problem of any woman who starts to progress her age is undoubtedly the resulting wrinkle which is the loss of elasticity of the skin. Which foods should be consumed for a beautiful and smooth skin aging.?

Factors that prepare the ground for wrinkle formation; often forming a way of life, a wrong diet, and genetic features. But nature, in its own right, keeps food that offers numerous probing solutions, and these foods are fighting wrinkles. Do you know what these nutrients are for fighting wrinkles? Nutrition and Diet Expert Dyt. Selma Turan explains the skin that can prevent skin aging. 

At the beginning of the causes of skin aging are various factors such as environmental effects and genetic characteristics. The wrong nutrition that has become a habit during the day can also lay the ground for skin aging at least as much as other factors. But with foods that contain vitamins, omega-3, and antioxidants, you can challenge years by delaying skin aging and wrinkling.

Anti-wrinkle foods


The most important factor preventing the aging of the skin is sudur. It is possible to get rid of skin wrinkles by drinking 2.5 – 3 liters of water during the day. People who do not drink water can enjoy drinking water with lemon, cucumber, mint leaves or cinnamon sticks in a jug. Coffee is also the biggest enemy of dry skin. But after drinking coffee, drink 2 glasses of water.


A very rich in vitamin A carrot, antioxidant effect on the skin. The skin regulates both the color and the rejuvenation.


The orange, which helps the development of the skin texture with the Vitamin C it contains, protects the skin from the aging effects, the harm of the cigarette and the wrinkles. Especially smokers should take plenty of vitamin C. Other nutrients rich in vitamin C include broccoli, Brussel sprouts, kiwi, mandarin, green leafy vegetables-fruits, and strawberries.

Red pepper

Rich in vitamin C and vitamin B6, red pepper increases the amount of blood reaching the skin with carotene and prevents wrinkles. As well as giving shine to the skin, also fight back.


This vegetable that fights with stress prevents acne formation. The potassium, sodium, and water in it keep it moist and keeps it dry while preventing hydration.


The essentials of breakfast delicacies include collagen and elastin, which prevent skin wrinkles in high amounts. Since the skin loses these two important building blocks over time, compensating for the loss is of great importance for skin health. The skin is almost renewed with the stem cells containing the egg that makes the skin peeling effect. But outside support alone is not enough for skin health. For this reason, one egg consumption every day absolutely will support the skin from the inside as well.


Avocado, used for skin health for many years, is a good source of vitamin B and E vitamins. While the frequent consumption of avocado, which gives all the nemesis skin that it needs, brings a young skin, it contributes to the general body health seriously. Avocados must be placed on tables to prevent wrinkles.


The most effective wrinkle-fighting food is undoubtedly the salmon fish. In recent years, the salmon fish frequently mentioned is the best omega-3 source. Omega-3 oils protect skin against UV rays as well as moisture, preventing premature aging.


Tomatoes, which are considered to be a must for breakfasts and cats, are all foods that need to be included in all nutritional times of the day. It can be said that the tomato can be the key to keeping the skin alive with its high vitamin C content. Tomato also possesses lycopene, which acts as a shield against sunlight harmful UV rays.


In order to be able to have a more fit body, it is usually tried to limit the fat consumption during the diets applied. But trying to stay away from foods that contain omega-3 oils such as walnuts is misguided. Because omega-3 acids in the class of beneficial oils feed the skin while keeping it flexible. Walnut which is useful from snacks can be easily consumed every day at intermediate meals.


In summer, the need for skin lycopene can also be met with watermelon, one of the most popular fruits of summer. Watermelon, which has a strong effect on the skin, is among the strongest sources of antioxidants. Watermelon also protects against the harmful rays of the sun and the foods that should not be missed from the table in summer.

Green pepper

One of the enemies of wrinkle is the food and the other is the stuffed pepper. Filled peppers, which are a source of vitamin C, support the skin by increasing the production of collagen. It should be noted, however, whether or not they are ripe when selecting chili peppers which should be consumed frequently. Because it is known that the proportion of vitamin C is higher than that of stuffed peppers that have matured and vibrant colors.

Green tea

Did you know that green tea, which is preferred in dietary terms, is also very effective in countering wrinkles as it facilitates digestion? The green tea, which contains plenty of catechin in its content, is also very useful in protecting the skin structure. Because catechins are among the most effective antioxidants.

These foods should be avoided for skin health

The colorful candies sold under the various brands in the market are not as innocent as they seem. Because these candies contain the most intensively processed sugar, it reduces the production of collagen and threatens the skin seriously. For this reason, these candies which disrupt the elastic structure of the skin and trigger aging should be completely restricted.

Alcoholic beverages have liquid properties, but when consumed they cause water to be expelled from the body. The fact that the body is dehydrated also undoubtedly causes the skin to be affected in the negative direction. Excessive consumption of alcohol can also cause skin wrinkles as well as acne.

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