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Vitamin deficiency indication beware of these 10 jobs!

Inadequate intake of vitamins that affect all organs and systems in the body can manifest itself with different symptoms. Vitamins that can be taken by nature in general, it is absolutely necessary to consult a specialist doctor about the subject. Prof. Dr. Memorial Hospital Department of Internal Medicine Dr. Birsel  gave information about vitamin deficiency indication.

Beware of this indication of vitamin deficiency!

1 – Vision problems:

The experience of vision problems can indicate the lack of vitamin A in your body. A vitamin is a type of vitamin that helps support normal and night vision. Xerophthalmia in the absence of vitamin A deficiency; that is, losing the brightness of the eye and the Korman, and problems such as dryness and night blindness may occur.

2 – Long-lasting fatigue:

Long-term fatigue, mental blurring and physical coordination in the body may indicate the lack of B1 vitamins. B1 vitamins are vitamins that are especially needed for the energy production of the brain.

3 – Language and cracks underneath:

Some skin diseases and disorders of the nervous system can be caused by lack of vitamin B6. Symptoms such as cracking of the lips and tongue, or eczema, may indicate the lack of B6 vitamins in the body. In the absence of cell renewal is slow and skin problems such as eczema, inflammation can be seen.

4 – Anemia:

Anemia can sometimes be a sign of vitamin deficiency. Folic acid is a member of the vitamin B family. It is known as folate or vitamin B9. Vitamin B9 deficiency is a cause that causes anemia in the body. It is a vitamin species that has an important place in DNA synthesis and cell division processes.

5 – Mental fatigue:

Long-term mental fatigue may indicate a lack of B12 vitamins. Vitamin B12 deficiency is a condition that affects mental performance. Mental fatigue will eventually slow intellectual skills. If a person has problems such as forgetfulness, memory loss, or lack of concentration for a long period of time, they should definitely be examined for B12 vitamins.

6 – Easily formed bruises and bruises on the skin:

The appearance of bruises easily in the body or the appearance of red and blue color blobs and dots on the skin may indicate the lack of vitamin C. Because of lack of vitamin C, the body becomes unable to perform collagen. The inability to produce collagen can also cause the various tissues to collapse in the body and cause tissue repair to take place.

7 – Bone pain:

Vitamin D deficiency in the body can manifest itself as bone pain, bone eruption. Bone pain resulting from deficiency can be felt throughout the whole body. This pain may accompany fatigue over time.

8 – Muscle loss:

Muscle weakness and weakness can be caused by lack of vitamin E. Vitamin E deficiency can lead to the weakening of the muscles over time. Loss of muscle mass, muscle weakness, and related balance problems can be encountered.

9 – Excessive bleeding:

Excessive hemorrhages in the body can be caused by lack of vitamin K. Regular bleeding may last for a long time, causing gingiva and nosebleed, blood in urine or stools, lack of vitamin K, and so on.

10 – Lifeless nails and hair:

Problems in hair and nail areas may indicate the lack of biotin or B7 vitamins, as well as H vitamins. Dandruff, spillage, dullness, breaking in the hair; it is necessary to pay attention to the expressions such as quick breaking, softening, white stains and slow elongation in the nails.

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