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Treat your post-festival body lightly

Feast of Sacrifice is a period of consuming too much meat, eating sweeties and chocolates during feast visits, drinking lots of coffee and tea. When we feed with such heavy things during the Feast of the Sacrifice, we are much more burdened than we should be in our bodies. Therefore, after the feast, we will be more attentive and lightly fed and behave well to our bodies.

Suggestions for your post-holiday body

1- For abundant water

It’s a must-eat greasy meat meal during the holidays. Although meat is quite beneficial in terms of protein intake, oily scalds can cause your body to feel heavy after kebabs. If you eat greasy food during the festival, you should drink plenty of water. Because water has a very big precaution in burning fat. The warm waters you drink throughout the day help to burn fat in your body.

2- Edema for herbal teas

On holiday we eat very salty as well as greasy food. The salts we consume too much lead to edema in the body. If you missed the salt a little too much without paying attention on the feast, you can drink edema tea. Parsley tea, green tea, ginger tea, blueberry tea, tea, such as edema is helpful.

3- Feed on vegetables


Nourishing vegetables on a full meat marathon for four days helps make your body more balanced and helps you to go into your normal routine. Vegetables always go out of the dishes you make and try different recipes, even if you do not eat a lot of vegetables will attract. Pumpkin spaghetti, cauliflower pizzas and veggies are just some of the delicious recipes you can try as healthy as you can try!

4- Make your distance with sweeties

The intense insistence is that the chocolate and the sweeties you have eaten without the ending is no good, but I want you to know that the feast is over and that the sweet and chocolate are not friendly to your body. So, at least for a while after the holidays to consume dessert, especially for the sake of avoiding the desserts will be good behavior for your body.

5- Move, walk

In the summer when we say goodbye to those scorching heat in the summer, walking in the mornings and evenings for a half or an hour will make your body feel more vigorous and increase your muscles while helping you burn fat. These short walks, which will be good for your digestive system, help to accelerate your metabolism.

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