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Hot Pepper benefits: The world’s best and cheapest medicine

In recent years doctors have begun to use pepper to relieve rheumatic aches and to reduce the stomach or prevent stiffness. The painful pepper that some societies have already used to relieve pain for thousands of years has begun to earn the place and prestige it deserves in contemporary culmination, due in part to its unique qualities, especially in relieving suffering such as burning on the feet of diabetics. Professor of Neurology Dr. Okana shared the benefits of bitter pepper.

Pain is Healthy!

Capsaicin, the essence of the hot pepper, causes endorphin secretion in the brain. These are natural painkillers and they allow a happiness-goodness to be formed in the body. Endorphin secreted by the softness of the nerves has a painful effect on the body.

“Dried pepper essence, arthritis due to rheumatoid arthritis, phantom pain, tendonitis, myalgia, and zone are used. Again mouthwash solutions and nasal spray made with peppermint extract are prescribed for a toothache, bronchitis, asthma, and migraine. Nasal spray stops chronic rhinorrhea and reduces sneezing and congestion.

Hot pepper helps digestion, is appetizing, and also reduces the blood sugar and cholesterol and prevents blood clotting. Thin blood.

The best and cheapest medicine in the world

Dr. Bolukbas; The pain is very useful in the foot burns seen in diabetes, he continued: Even though it seems to increase the burning in the first three days before the night when it is poured into the places where it is burned in the evening, it keeps burning and refreshes when applied.

The ointment is very useful in the case of psoriasis. Thanks to the vitamin C and beta-carotene ingredients in it, bitter pepper provides resistance to the body and increases the intensity. This protects your body against blood like a shield.

As a result of the investigations, it was observed that the hot pepper played an important role in the fall of triglycerides. With all these features, bitter pepper is the world’s best and cheapest to be pills.

Kill the microbes in your body!

Okan University Hospital Professor of Neurology Dr. Okana; “Beta-carotene, antioxidants and vitamin C found in the bitter pepper have been put forward through investigations into the body’s protection against cancer and heart attacks,” he said.

Accelerates blood circulation in the body

This also protects against the risk of paralysis. The hot pepper has the property of killing microbes. You can consume pepper to kill micro-organisms that cause stomach upsets such as ulcers. The appetite is known by everyone. Although this seems to be a disadvantage, the effect of metabolic acceleration and constipation prevention is more on the hot pepper. This is the attenuator feature. In addition, the body fat burning feature is burning. It has a fibrous structure. One day you will eat the hot pepper will prevent the problem of constipation.

Too much food is harmful? 

Pepper is a very useful food as seen in the pepper. But there are some disadvantages to overconsumption like every nutrient. When overdosed, it triggers diseases such as hemorrhoids and ulcers. Cream products such as cream made from pepper must be taken absolutely physician recommendations, should be used. By using it in a limited and regular way, you can allow your body to create miracles.

The ingredient in the hot pepper is good for many diseases

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Investigation, found in hot pepper capsaicin substance called colon cancer reduces the risk.

Hot pepper is of American origin. It is used as food and drug material all over the world. Hot pepper is part of the people in America who have been feeding people since the year 7500 BC. With Europeans coming to America, they first spread in Spain and Portugal, then spread all over Europe and the world.

According to the researchers’ findings, the capsaicin in hot pepper activates a pain receptor called TRPV1 (receptor: a cell that responds to light, heat, or external stimulus and transmits a signal to the sensory nerves) on the intestinal tract, suppressing tumor growth.

TRPV1 was first discovered in sensory neurons; it has been found that the cell protects against the potential damage of heat, acid and spice chemicals and is therefore defined as the TRPV1 pain receptor.

TRPV1 suppresses bowel tumors

In this new study, it has been shown that intestinal epithelial cells stimulated by epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) also produce TRPV1. Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) plays a critical role in cell growth in the intestines.

When the EGFR signal increases, it causes cell growth to go out of control and the risk of tumor development increases. According to the results of the research team, when TRPV1 is activated by EGFR, “direct negative feedback” on EGFR reduces unwanted cell growth in the intestine and consequently reduces the risk of tumor development.

The team modified the mice to carry TRPV1 deficiency genetically and it was observed that bowel tumor development developed much more frequently in these mice. From this way, TRPV1 is expressed mostly in bowel tumors.

A cappuccino, a component of heat that is found in hot pepper

Capsaicin is irritant in mammals such as humans, causing a flammable stain when in contact with our tissues. It is also the active component of pepper gas. In this study, the team fed a large group of mice with a genetically high risk of developing tumors. As a result, it has been observed that TRPV1 is active in these mice and their lives are expected to be at least 30% longer than expected. In addition, when combined with Celecoxib, a “COX-2 inhibitor” (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), it has been noted that such effects are enhanced.

Carcinoma can be protective against cancers of the genus

From these data, we found that TPRV1 regulates proliferation in intestinal cells. In addition, the development of TPRV1, which we receive with food, suppresses tumoral growth in the colon. As a result, in the future, when TRPV1 is administered to humans in combination with a triggering drug and a COX-2 inhibitory drug, this can provide protection against adenoma and carcinoma-type cancers.

Heart attack reduces risk


In another study, evidence has been presented that long-term consumption of consuming reduces “cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis” (heart changes that can lead to a heart attack). In yet another study, it was emphasized that suppression of the capsaicin receptor in the brain with a chemistry that is in developmental stage may be hopeful, especially in the treatment of abdominal pain, emotional stress and anxiety (disturbance). There are also studies showing that when capsaicin is used alone or in combination with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain agents, it has protective and therapeutic properties in the gastrointestinal system. (Source: Medical Oncology Expert  Prof. Dr. Mustafa )


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