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Online Loan: The Question You Should Know

Is it worth taking a loan at Astro? Do you know the answer to this question about Astro online loan? If you’re here, it’s because you still don’t know the truth behind this agency, but don’t worry, we’ll help you truly unravel it!

The truth is that much is said about Astro when it comes to loan, after all, until some time ago it was one of the only financial agencies that granted credit even to those who were in a more complicated situation, with the dirty name in the square. .

But what is very hidden is that Astro only offers loans and services to those who receive some form of state payment, either for some benefit of social security or because it is a civil servant.

That is enough to show that they have no real commitment to the plight of the people to whom they offer their loans. It turns out that even before Astro can release the amount that was requested, it makes an entire assessment and generally the amount that is deposited ends up lower than the amount that was agreed.

How does Astro loan for negatives work?

How does Astro loan for negatives work?

This is one of the main reasons why Astro became famous. Astro does grant loans to those who are negative, that is, to people who have credit restrictions. But again, this only applies to retirees, pensioners or civil servants.

The request will only be evaluated if you fit one of these three characteristics. In other words, they will never grant loans to those who are self-employed or currently unemployed.

Even if it is possible to have a loan for negative your application will still have to go through a whole process of analysis and document verification that is necessary, being subject to any time not to be released. Astro will review everything from your income to your ability to pay. Not to mention excessive interest.

How Astro Online Loan Interest Works

How Astro Online Loan Interest Works

Unfortunately this financial agency has one of the highest rates in the entire market. Your interest rate for a simple personal loan is around 20% per month and almost 800% per year. Other banks offer rates of 4% per month and 60% per year as a comparison.

This just goes to show how much a loan with Astro can end up much heavier than you think. High interest rates can simply make your financial situation even worse, rather than helping you solve problems.

Compound interest will increase your debt month by month, which can eventually turn into a giant snowball, not to mention that the rates for borrowers are still much higher than conventional rates.

We at Loafes Finance recommend that you always compare interest rates at different banks and financial agencies, as they dictate the long term value of your loan. We can even do it for you, just do a free simulation with us.

In the end, is it worth making a Astro loan online?

In the end, is it worth making a Astro loan online?

Truth be told, it will depend on your situation, but overall, you can find more practical and less costly solutions in the job market simply and efficiently by simply researching and comparing budgets before opting for a loan. the Astro.

Loafes Finance is always committed to helping you to overcome any situation or complication, and you can always count on us to support you in difficult situations, being a different option from Astro online loan.

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