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Nutrition recommendations for diabetes: Good diabetic foods

In order to control the diabetes mellitus, it is very important to set up a special nutrition program for the person under the supervision of an expert. MWT. Emine Yüzbaşıoğlu gave information about what to watch for when diabetic patients are fed.

Learning how to live diabetes increases treatment success

Diabetes mellitus is caused by insufficient secretion of insulin hormone secreted by pancreas, resulting in an increase in blood glucose level. At the beginning of causes of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus seen in advanced age ; genetic factors, lack of physical activity and weight gain.

When diabetes is not controlled; kidney failure, cataracts, cardiovascular disorders, nerve damage, diabetic foot, infections and diseases. It is necessary to pay attention to healthy nutrition principles in order to control the disease. Accepting this illness and learning to live with it increases the treatment success.

Correct diet recommendations for diabetics

• Nutritional program should be specific to the person: This diet should not be temporary but should be maintained for life by becoming a feeding habit.

• Height and age should be appropriate for the weight: to get rid of the excess pounds; is one of the most important principles that help to control diabetes.

• Meals should be arranged from 3 to 3 mains: Meal intervals should not exceed 2-2.5 hours, calories taken at meals should be balanced. Snack nutrition

• The content of pulp in the diet should be increased: If the percentage of pulp taken at meals is high, it will have a positive effect on the regulation of the sugar level because it slows the absorption of carbohydrates. In this respect, salad should be added to the side of the dishes, the content of the pulp as bread type is high; rye, bran or whole wheat bread should be preferred. Also, the fruits that can be eaten with their shells should be consumed without peeling.

• glycemic index foods should not be consumed high: potatoes, carrots, rice, white bread as quickly raises blood sugar, high glycemic index foods should be avoided.

• Water consumption should be increased: care should be taken to consume at least 2 – 2.5 liters of water during the day.

• Stay away from sugar and sugary foods: I use medicines, sugar should not be consumed with sugar and sugary foods. Diabetes is a chronic illness, should not be thought to have passed. Also, foods such as honey and molasses, which are regarded as natural sweet, are not innocent. It should not be forgotten that pekmezin is made of grapes and sugar is also in the honey.

• It should not be forgotten that diabetic products may also be harmful:diabetic products should not be considered as harmless. The type and amount of dietitian should not be consumed without being asked.

• Healthy cooking methods should be used when preparing food: Thedietary intake of calories per day and the percentage of carbohydrate, protein and fat percentage of this calorie should be proportional. Meals to avoid increasing the intake of fat; it must be cooked using the grill, boiling or baking method.

Good food in the diablo

1. Apple

at least one apple consumption and prevents the development of diabetes by 28% a day. “Every day away apple a day keeps the doctor.” For the word on everyone’s lips, thoroughly washed after abundant close to the shell Besides providing a feeling of fullness apple eaten with the peel on the surface called quercetin which is good for antioxidants diabetes feature. The fibrils that Elman contains are important tasks for lowering blood sugar. Pay attention to washing with clean water purified from agricultural medicines.

2. Cinnamon

The chemical structure of cinnamon is structurally similar to the hormone that regulates blood sugar called insulin, acting like an insulin hormone. The cinnamon ingredient “kumarin” keeps insulin in balance. Cinnamon has the ability to control sugar. Accelerates sugar metabolism up to 20 kata. Cinnamon helps to strengthen the system against oxidation. Oxidation is a major problem in diabetics. Oxidation in the deterioration of vascular structure – causes the antioxidant balance to deteriorate Polyphenols in cinnamon are an important antioxidant. In overweight and obese, it lowers starch sugar and increases insulin activity.

3. Dry Legumes

A common misconception in diabetics is that dry legumes increase sugar and thus reduce consumption. It is a misguided misconception that pulp and phytonutrients found in dry legumes can help develop your defense against diabetes as well as support heart health. Dry legumes (beans, lentils and peas) contains fiber and low glycemic indexes. When food containing nutrients is processed by the body, it spreads over time without causing any sudden fluctuations in blood sugar. Whole-wheat pasta, whole-grain rye bread and wholegrain cereals keep blood sugar constant.

4. Badem

In diabetic patients, especially after meals, they have the effect of reducing blood sugar fluctuations. In addition, almonds regulate the fluctuations caused by foods that have a high glycemic index. Almond, a healthy fat and protein deposit, helps control insulin resistance by strengthening metabolism. To reduce the risk of diabetes, 10-15 almonds a day should be consumed.

5. Onion and garlic

There is a substance called quercetin in the genus, which is a fearful complication of diabetes mellitus. Quercetin
has a characteristic of reducing sugar in the blood. The onion water obtained by squeezing controls the rising blood sugar after eating. It is known that organic sulphurous amino acid compounds in onion and garlic are effective. In this regard, it would be right for patients using blood pressure lowering and blood thinning garlic to not use blood sugar lowering medication without controlling their blood. The onion shows the same effect when cooked without cooking.

6. Vegetables and fruits

The mineral is rich in vitamins and at the same time helps to keep the blood sugar stable with fibrous structures. In the first place, vegetables and fruits that improve the immune system with antioxidants in their structures, cabbage, black pepper, orange, lime, lemon, turnip, broccoli, radish, spinach, grapefruit, strawberry and blackberry come first. Those who have sugar, fat, sauce, salt added vegetables with high amounts of sodium containing cannabis and pickles are not right to consume.

7. Tea and coffee

It can be considered a very good antidiabetic nutrient if the tea, which is one of the most prominent habits of the Turkish nation, is brewed and consumed correctly. It is not a feared drink when you drink tea without sugar, which shows these benefits with the catechins and tannins contained in it. It is known that chlorogenic acid indirectly regulates blood sugar level and that caffeine increases the secretion of pancreatic insulin by the results of investigations. Although potassium, magnesium and various antioxidants in brine have a blood sugar regulating effect. It is recommended not to consume excessive and sugary.

8. Lean Meat

Less lean meat with less saturated fat is ideal for keeping cholesterol levels low and contains plenty of protein. It must be boiled in water and cooked, but the cooking water must never be eaten. Because the harmful substances and oils in the meat pass into the water. Add plenty of seasonings to facilitate the digestion of meat, grilled meat must be eaten. The digestion of sheep may occasionally be difficult, but it must be fat-free.

Chicken-poultry meat must be boiled in lean water. Goose meat is very fatty and therefore should not be eaten. Turkey meat can be fat-free, boil in water, a digest is easy. Fish are harmful to fat diabetic patients, so diabetics should not consume fish unless they are fresh and bereaved. Only one of these meats should be eaten as pure meats a day.

9. Tomato Water

Tomato juice is a good blood-thinning feature for diabetic patients, it prevents fatty spoilage in the liver. Instead of ready tomato juice, freshly squeezed tomato juice should be preferred.

10. Red Pepper

Red flake pepper inhibits excessive insulin release which causes sudden drops in sugar. The food we eat with red spot helps metabolize the more balanced release and economic use of insulin.

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