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Murder plants syrup does not end with counting benefits

Natural syrup recipe made from elderberry plant which does not pass the disease and does not end by counting the benefits for those looking for a home-made solution for flu and nose …

Autumn makes you feel better now. As it is in every season, it begins to steal cold, flu, flu and many of its doors.

The elderberry family from the family of lilies grows widely in Europe and North America. It can also be found easily in Turkey. Different names can have different names. For example, liver in Rize, telligelin in Gaziantep, is known by the name of Kaimana on the side of İnebolu. It can be found easily in the cities.

Benefits do not stop counting

  • If the benefits of the elderly, which have two genera in white and black color,
  • A, B and C vitamins in the body by increasing the resistance of the disease protects from.
  • The laxative removes constipation.
  • It has a diuretic feature.
  • Sputum can be used as a remover, softens the chest.
  • The elderberry, which has a sweating effect, is very effective in influencing flu, cold, cold, and colds.
  • It supports pneumonia and bronchitis.
  • It’s dropping the fire.
  • Mom is increasing her foot.
  • It has a weakening effect.


Homemade elder syrup recipe


3 coffee cups black dried elderberry, 4 cups water, 2 spoon ginger root, 1 sweet spoon powder cinnamon, half sweet sponge clove powder, 1 tea glass honey.

How is it prepared?

Start by adding the elder water, water, cloves and cinnamon into a medium-sized pot. Once the mixture is boiled, open the cover of the cooker by shortening the bottom of the cooker. In this way, wait for the water to evaporate and go down halfway. After boiling for 45 minutes, remove from the fire and let it cool. Thoroughly mix the mixture by sieving and adding the water. Then fill the jar into the jar and store it in a non-hot environment.

How to use?

You need to take a spoon twice or three times a week with syrup and then drink a glass of warm water. It is sufficient to consume the elderberry syrup as a soup spoon for adults and a sweet spoon for children. But those who have a serious illness need to consult their doctor before applying this syrup.

Elderberry botany information

Tell the lady family. Between 3-10 meters of elderberry sometimes bushes, sometimes in the form of a tree. About 20 trees, shrubs or herbaceous plants are the common names of Murder. The leaves are usually composed of five parts, two pairs, and one each, and each piece is oval, the edges are very slightly curved and slightly raised green colored and short.

The flowers are quite small; white, yellowish or occasionally light pink and pungent small flowers open by forming a broad umbrella or cluster shape. When the flowers mature 6-10 mm. round and bright black colored fruits. The fruit contains 3-4 seeds of blood-red fruit juice and long oval shape. The black elderly, who like the shrubland of the forested areas, multiply with their seeds

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