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Healthy tea recipes to relax after eating

You can benefit from herbal teas to protect your stomach health and prevent digestive problems.

Lime green tea with ice

Whether it’s accelerating metabolism of green tea and adding energy to its fat burning properties, it’s worth noting. Moreover, the ice inside will support the green tea and accelerate your metabolism. Lime slices will facilitate digestion. Benefits of green tea

Mint tea

Mint tea is more like a swollen midelere drug when you eat too much. It solves indigestion problems, it provides a refreshment that extends from your mouth to your mouth with its delicious taste, it is good for gas problems. Mint tea benefits

Fennel tea

Another tea that solves the gas problem is fennel. The fennel tea that binds the intestines and masturbate accelerates the metabolism and accelerates the fat burning. 1 cup of boiled water 1-2 teaspoon dried fennel and add 10 minutes wait is enough.


Meyan tea is ahead of its indigestion. In order to make tea from the root of the tangible rootstock, small pieces must first be separated. 1 cup of boiling water into a teaspoon of a teaspoon pouring a roast is enough to wait 5 minutes.

Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon has the characteristics of coming to the stomach aches, accelerating the metabolism and suppressing the feeling of hunger. Cinnamon tea is divided into 4-5 pieces and can be used with cinnamon stick and powder cinnamon.

Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea, known as the formula for both physical and mental relaxation, also accelerates the fat burning. It is also effective in relieving gastritis and mild gastric pain by regulating the stomach acids.

Funda tea

The taste is a bit tough, but there are many reasons to choose it. It regulates the functioning of the kidneys, allows the digestion of the eaters easily, and prevents sleep disturbances. Boil the heather leaves for 5 minutes and then bake for 10 minutes.

Garlic tea

The garlic tea is easy to digest, and after eating, it can be enjoyed by the eyes of the baby. Stabilizing cholesterol, accelerating metabolism, and balancing high blood pressure will make an indispensable end to eating garlic.

Dandelion tea

Dandelion tea is also an ideal choice for those who regulate blood sugar and therefore prefer to eat hunger and overeating, and who want to lose weight.

Preparation is slightly more troublesome than other teas: 6 teaspoons dried dandelion roots and 6 teaspoons dandelion leaf are thrown into boiling water, boiled for 20 minutes while dandelion leaf and root are in the water. If fresh dandelion is used, the same process is performed by increasing the size to 2 times. Drink well afterwards.

The flavors of some teas may not suit everyone’s taste. You can sweeten tea that you find bitter or tasteless with cinnamon, milk or honey, you can drink it comfortably. Finally, if you have a serious discomfort, you should consult your doctor before consuming these teas.

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