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Healing with figs: Incinous miraculous benefits and fig oat recipe

Nowadays, it is possible to reach every fruit and vegetable in the stalls. Yet what is healthy is to consume every fruit and vegetable in its season; to pay attention to a measure. Here is one of the tasty foliage of autumn, the fig tree of the fig tree in the winter, which is the time to eat it!

Because of its natural flavor, which began to be harvested together with the month of June, according to its region and its taste, it is living in its last days in October.  “Especially during the autumn transition from summer to fall, a powerful antioxidant for the weakened immune system has many benefits of fig. However, it is necessary not to bloom and exceed the taste. ” Nutrition and Diet Expert Kamran explained the benefits of figs, important warnings and suggestions were found. I wrote a recipe for oatmeal for those who say, “I want to stay in shape without breaking my diet on return, I want to meet my sweet need” …

Increases bowel mobility

Today, due to the hustle and bustle of unhealthy eating habits and low fiber consumption is preparing the ground for cavalry. While one person needs to take 25-30 grams of fiber per day, the fig improves the bowel mobility thanks to the fiber content. There are about 1 gram of fiber in 1 medium-sized fig. Drinking 1-2 glasses of water along with figs helps to increase the bowel mobility even further.

Strengthens immunity

While the immune system weakens, especially during the summer months, the consumption of fig increases the resistance of the body with its strong antioxidant properties. The fig, which is rich in many vitamins such as A, E and K , has a much higher antioxidant capacity, especially in the dark ones.

Feeds bones

Two medium sized figs contain about 1 cup of milk calcium. Calcium and magnesium feed the bones . Especially in dark colored figs, the calcium content is higher.

Fig reduces breast cancer risk

Scientific studies show that high fiber consumption with fruit in post-menopausal period is less likely to have breast cancer in women. You can reduce your risk of getting breast cancer by using 1 scoop of fruit per day for 1 scoop. The fig provides a preventive and preventive effect against cancer due to the benzaldehyde that it contains at the same time.

Fig conserves the heart

The fig is rich in potassium, which helps balance the blood pressure. Daily sodium consumption is increased and potassium deficiency is seen in people with cardiac risk who can not consume regular fruits and vegetables, processed food and meat consumption . If you do not have diabetes, you will consume one regular figure a day to help your heartbeat by balancing your blood pressure.

Beware of the high content inside!

Due to the high content of sugar and the sudden onset of diarrhea, especially diabetic patients should not choose fresh or dried figs. If they are to be consumed, they must eat more than one incense. Healthy people should not leave control at the porters. 2 medium sized figs may be preferred instead of 1 serving fruit. However, if you consume a high amount of freshness, it means you have taken a very high amount of sugar. This can lead to diabetes mellitus, since 100 grams of fig (about 2 small size figs) contain 80 calories and 20 grams of carbohydrates, which causes you to get hungry more quickly until the next meal.

Figs Ingredients


3 tablespoon oatmeal

1 fresh fig

3 walnuts

1 cup milk


Add the oatmeal to 1 cup of pumice. Chop the cube cubes and add the mixture. Wait for about 30 minutes until the oats are swollen and the fig is identified with milk. Enjoy your meal at your leisure.

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