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Facts About Just Loan | Everything you need to know


You are probably interested in getting some kind of loan, but don’t know if these companies that offer online loans like Just loan are really reliable, are they?

It is normal to have some fear when you do not know the company, and it gets even more intense when it is directly related to your money and your financial health. If you want to know a little more about the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing from Just, rest assured, we at Astro Finance will help you make the right choice.

Who is really Just loan?

Who is really Just loan?

Just is an online lending platform with the overall objective of facilitating public access to loans with lower interest rates. But in fact, Just is not truly a financial agency, as Just acts as a bank correspondent for Sorocred.

Just is merely a facilitator, leveraging Sorocred’s services and entire structure to be able to lend online personal loans to clients.

How to apply for a loan with Just

How to apply for a loan with Just

To get a loan with this agency you will have to follow a few steps. First you need to create your registration using your personal details, then you enter your bank account so Just can do the credit analysis.

You will then receive a personalized proposal, with the adjusted interest rate, and the maximum amount you can apply for a loan from Just. After that, just digitally sign up and wait for the money to enter your account.

Once approved, you have agreed to the rates that have been offered, and you have made your digital signature directly on the contract, the money will be deposited directly to your account within 48 hours.

Remember that to be able to make a loan with Just you must be at least 22 years old. In addition, Just does not make loan for negative. People with a dirty name who are registered with SPC or SERASA will not be able to apply for the loan directly with Just.

Also, to be able to borrow from this agency you must have an active checking account for at least 90 days. You will not be able to use salary account, legal account or joint account, let alone savings account. It has to be a checking account, in fact.

When you make your request, Just will ask you to tell us your branch, your checking account, and even your internet banking password. This can make many people afraid, as a password is something personal and should not be shared.

But keep in mind that in order to make transactions on your account, they will need your passwords as well as your codes. Just warrants this request is merely to be able to view your account for the past 90 days, but this condition may be a major privacy intrusion.

Is Just really reliable? Is it worth making a loan with them?

Is Just really reliable? Is it worth making a loan with them?

Despite all the dangers, this company operates safely and is recognized and supervised by the Crefot Bank. So rest assured, Just loan is, yes, safe. And you can easily and quickly lend to them without having to deal with the long lines at banks and other financial agencies, and take advantage of the speed and security they offer.

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