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Drinking alcohol in pregnancy is puncturing your baby’s heart disease!

The incidence of congenital heart disease in infants in World is 8 percent. So about every 100 live births have heart disease. Pediatric Cardiology Specialist Noah Yilmaz, heart diseases caused by genetic factors in the family can be seen without any heart disease can be seen, giving important information.heart disease

Dr. Rehan, genetic factors, as well as the mother during pregnancy; the amount of medication it uses, and the extent to which it affects the health of the baby. Exp. Dr. Khan, infants, heart disease, the factors that are effective in the coming of the disease said.


It is known that infections in pregnancy are associated with ‘Patent Duktus Arteriozus’, which is a congenital heart disease, especially of the rubella. The high blood sugar of your mother during pregnancy leads to irregularity in the heart, and sometimes causes an inversion in the veins from the heart. Phenytoin, amphetamines, retinoic acid, valproic acid, preparations containing estrogen-progesterone, or drugs such as lithium, used by the mother also have the potential to cause a number of heart diseases in the baby.heart disease


The use of alcohol in pregnancy has been shown to lead to heart holes. Because many reasons we cannot count here can lead to heart disease in infants, it is not enough to explain only heart disease with the genetic predisposition. While genetic susceptibility contributes to the formation of the disease, the heart may be affected by subsequent infections such as certain infections, toxic substances, drugs used, or poisonings in children with no genetic predisposition.heart disease


90 percent of infants with a significant cardiac disease can be diagnosed with infantile heart disease (fetal echocardiography). Some babies in the mother’s womb are treated by giving the mother drugs. Babies with heart failure due to rhythm disturbance can benefit from this type of treatment. Since fetal echocardiography does not involve radiation, it can be performed at every pregnancy. Since the ultrasonic waves are used, there is no harm in the long operation time. A group may experience severe heart disease in the womb. These people constitute a group of patients who can not be treated without surgery and should be operated immediately after the birth.heart disease


In children, unlike adults, we often see heart structures or dysfunctions that manifest themselves as murmur rather than heart attacks. Murmur is called the sound of a heart that sounds like a blowing sound during heart examination. The sound of blowing from the heart, that is, the murmur, makes us think that the blood that has to go in a certain direction in the heart passes through a hole or that there is friction in one of the covers from the narrowness,

Or that there is leakage from the cover. However, murmurs sometimes occur in children with a normal heart. We call ‘innocent murmurs’ for murmurs that do not depend on the disease. There are several reasons for the innocent murmur. Some of them are heartburn fast because of anemia, fever, hyperthyroidism (thyroid hyperthyroidism), some flu medications. heart disease

Another reason is that the children’s chest wall is thin and the sounds that the heart pumping out of the blood can be heard more easily through the thin chest wall. For whatever reason, our approach is to perform a thorough examination and ultrasound echocardiography in order to clarify the murmurs heard from the heart.


● Babies of pre-existing or gestational diabetic mothers
● Kids of pregnant mothers
● Babies of pregnant mothers ● Babies of mothers with
congenital heart disease
● Babies of those who have viral infections in
pregnancy ● Babies of alcohol abusers in pregnancy
● Problems in the heart of a baby gynecologist thinking
● irregularities in the baby’s heart rhythm
● the absence of signs of heart failure in babies
● Having a mother rheumatic diseases etc.

The cardiac examination performed by the postpartum pediatrician should be thought of as part of routine child examination and should be done to every baby. Newborn babies may have a heart puncture, but they may not give any symptoms. The reason for this is that intra-cardiac pressures continue for a while, as in the mother’s womb. In order to avoid these, we recommend that you perform a detailed cardiac examination within the first week, if possible. heart disease


Depending on the type of the disease, the heart disease gives some signs. They are the ones who do not do the churros that we usually see more often. Signs such as pallor, rapid breathing, sweating in the forehead, withdrawals, heart attack, weight loss, the frequent occurrence of lung infections in these patients warn us about heart disease. It is easier to notice if you have a heart disease that makes you go. If they do not have more but have stenosis, if they have severe stenosis according to the severity of the stenosis, they are suffering from chest pain or fatigue. If the stenosis is slight, these patients may not complain. The murmur is heard when the murmur is heard and it is usually seen with echo.

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