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Healthy tea recipes to relax after eating

You can benefit from herbal teas to protect your stomach health and prevent digestive problems. Lime green tea with ice Whether it’s accelerating metabolism of green tea and adding energy to its fat burning properties, it’s worth noting. Moreover, the ice inside will support the green tea and accelerate your metabolism. Lime …

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How is it done? Preparing sugar free recipe

Asure may be useful, but … Ashura; dried fruit in it; vitamins and mineral deposits thanks to apricots, figs, grapes, and pomegranates. Thanks to wheat, chickpeas, dried tofu, dried figs and dried apricot it is a good intestinal coach. But into the business of sugar Ashura, it is distorted by the introduction of the very great …

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Food poisoning: meat chicken egg fish milk how poisons?

What is the food poisoning statement? Diarrhea, cramps, vision problems, severe conditions can lead to intestinal problems, even if it is not intervened in time, even death can cost you fatigue, chills, headache, dizziness, stomach problems. What needs to be taken care of to prevent food poisoning? Foods, water, protein, and …

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How is the protein diet list and high protein diet done?

In many foreign sources, ” High protein diet “, which is called ” High protein diet, ” but known as protein diet in our country, this principle applies not only to protein but also to protein. You will find answers to all the questions you are wondering about the protein diet on this scientific article that we have prepared …

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