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Bankate Personal Loans

Bankate Personal Loans: who they are for

Bankate Personal Loans: who they are for

Bankate personal loans are aimed at different types of applicants, among which we mention state, public and private employees, INPS and INPDAP pensioners, the military, freelancers and self-employed workers.

For each category of applicant, the credit institution will grant a fixed rate loan repayable in constant installments : the TAN is always equal to 8.70%, the APR will vary according to the number of installments chosen for the repayment and the presence or less than insurance coverage. There are no preliminary costs, nor collection costs for SSD procedures.

Credit limit

Credit limit

Bankate personal loans are configured as fixed rate loans aimed at those who need a minimum liquidity of $ 1,000 and a maximum of $ 10,000 .

By virtue of the characteristic that distinguishes personal loans, to receive the money it will not be necessary to inform the financial advisor of the reasons that lead to request it; therefore liquidity can be spent indiscriminately to buy new or used cars, renew the look of your apartment, finance your studies or the reception of your wedding, pay for a trip or treat yourself with appliances and IT tools, as well as pay for sudden medical expenses.

How to apply for funding

How to apply for funding

The Bankate personal loan application can be made online or by going directly to one of the affiliated stores distributed throughout the country.

If you choose to do everything from home, just fill in the field with the amount you intend to request and the number of installments through which you intend to repay the loan, directly on the website of the credit institution and then click on “Calculate the installment”.

For a loan of $ 5,000, repayable in 36 installments, you will be faced with these data:
Net amount paid $ 5,000
Installments number 36
TAN 8.70% (fixed rate)
APR 9.38%
Initial expenses $ 0
Insurance premium included in the calculation
Monthly installment amount $ 167.80
Total due by the customer $ 5,815

During this phase you can choose whether to take out credit insurance coverage . At the end of the procedure, the request enters a pre-evaluation phase, which ends when a consultant of Bankate Consumer Bank proceeds together with the applicant, to complete the preliminary phase.

When the applicant has sent all the necessary documents to the lender, it will determine whether or not to provide the loan. The result of the evaluation will be sent by email in the case of an online request, or by means of a phone call in the event that you have personally gone to the branch.

Delivery and refund

If the credit institution assesses the request positively, the loan will be disbursed within two working days and the deposit will be made directly to the beneficiary’s current account. The payment of the first installment never takes place before the 20 days from the disbursement of the loan, while the subsequent installments must be paid either on the first day of each month or on the 15th.

Reliability of a historical group

Reliability of a historical group

The German group Bankate Consumer Bank is an integral part of the Spanish Bankate, one of the most important and solid credit institutions in the world, so much so that in the last 7 years it has boasted the election as the best world bank.

The Bankate group was born in Spain in 1857, soon establishing branches all over the world. To date, it is present in 40 countries around the globe with approximately 10,800 branches.

The presence of branches of Bankate Consumer Bank in Italy is very widespread , we find 21 branches and over 10,000 conventional listening points, where it is possible to take advantage of various financial products: personal loans, finalized loans, installment loans, loans with assignment of fifths, cards credit and deposit accounts, but also interesting proposals in the insurance branch. Virtually everything you need to provide consumer credit and security for the future.


Requesting a quote for a Bankate personal loan is easy and free and can be done comfortably from home via the web: those who need funding must provide for the compilation of different quotes, in order to choose among the personal loans the one that offers the best conditions on the market.

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