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M Arslan

He is a Health Information and technology lover, writer, poet and linguistic student. Reading about SEO makes him a lot happier and has a tendency to overuse commas :)

Heart health: 8 recommendations for a healthy heart

Despite a better understanding of heart health, advances in diagnostic methods, and advances in therapeutic models, heart and vascular disease still precedes the causes of death in the world  Urban living conditions are one of the biggest threats to heart diseases. World Heart Health Week, questions about heart health curiosity questions …

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How is the protein diet list and high protein diet done?

In many foreign sources, ” High protein diet “, which is called ” High protein diet, ” but known as protein diet in our country, this principle applies not only to protein but also to protein. You will find answers to all the questions you are wondering about the protein diet on this scientific article that we have prepared …

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Detecting harmful chemicals in baby cord.

Even on the baby cord was detected It has been revealed that some of the active ingredients infrequently consumed shampoo, sun cream, and make-up may be harmful to my health. Dermatology Specialist Dr. Muskan stated that the contents of the cosmetic products should be carefully taken into consideration and the active …

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