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He is a Health Information and technology lover, writer, poet and linguistic student. Reading about SEO makes him a lot happier and has a tendency to overuse commas :)

Healthy tea recipes to relax after eating

You can benefit from herbal teas to protect your stomach health and prevent digestive problems. Lime green tea with ice Whether it’s accelerating metabolism of green tea and adding energy to its fat burning properties, it’s worth noting. Moreover, the ice inside will support the green tea and accelerate your metabolism. Lime …

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6 suggestions to cool off in desert heat

Nutrition experts especially point out the importance of water consumption for desert temperatures that show its effect.   “If your water consumption reaches 30ml / kg (for example 2 liters of 70kg water), you can also get the remaining liquid needs from mineral water, freshly squeezed juice, buttermilk, cold soup,” …

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Do your future protein sources change?

For sustainability of the environment and food, the European Union is working on new projects with the aim of using resources more efficiently and reducing the formation of greenhouse gases. Since animal breeding is responsible for the formation of greenhouse gases, it is in this direction that basic animal protein …

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Treat your post-festival body lightly

Feast of Sacrifice is a period of consuming too much meat, eating sweeties and chocolates during feast visits, drinking lots of coffee and tea. When we feed with such heavy things during the Feast of the Sacrifice, we are much more burdened than we should be in our bodies. Therefore, after the …

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Homemade ice cream recipes: Benefits of freezing

Milk selection is the most important issue Good quality, the main protagonist of a real ice cream. It is important to have color, quality, daily and no additives. If possible, it should be rested. You can choose to use buffalo or goat milk for a thick ice cream. Those with lactose intolerance may try …

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