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6 suggestions to cool off in desert heat

Nutrition experts especially point out the importance of water consumption for desert temperatures that show its effect.


“If your water consumption reaches 30ml / kg (for example 2 liters of 70kg water), you can also get the remaining liquid needs from mineral water, freshly squeezed juice, buttermilk, cold soup,” the experts say.

Experts who recommend consuming fruit instead of water are also on the calorie line for aroma cold kahves. Listen to the 6 proposals of experts.

It is expected that desert heat, which is effective from Thursday and reaches 44 degrees in the east, will also be effective in the west of the country. The temperature experienced in Istanbul is estimated to be 40 degrees.

Üsküdar Üniversitesi NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Gizem Köse took attention to 6 important points in the fight against desert heat. Here are the suggestions:

1- Eat 30 ml water per kilo:

Fluid consumption is very important. In this period when we need to increase our fluid, we do not even notice it, nor do we even notice it. That’s why it’s much more important these months to consume up to 30ml of water per kilo.

If your water consumption reaches 30 ml/kg (eg 2 kg of water with 70 kg of water), you can also meet your remaining fluid needs from mineral water, freshly squeezed juice, buttermilk, and cold soup. You will also get plenty of fluids and C vitamins by consuming one portion of the melon and watermelon, which have a high water content.

2- Beware of juice and cold coffee !: 

Plenty of fluid consumption is important, but be careful when consuming fruit juice or cold cups. Although the fruit juice seems innocent, a glass of juice contains almost 150 calories, that is, 2 medium fresh fruits. In cold cups, the energy value can be increased with syrups and cream added inside. So be aware of what you drink while consuming!

3- Do not be afraid of your health if you want to throw away your edema: 

Especially in this period, you do not have to make efforts to get rid of edema. Already the body’s fluid needs rise to the maximum level. If you say you want to take a secondary payment, you can also support the greenery you will add to the water. One point to note: Edema-inducing drugs or teas can be very dangerous! You can damage your skin by lowering the amount of sodium in your body!

4- 3 servings per day fruit: 

If you say hot air at home and cool outside, your immune system may be weak due to temperature changes. The first thing you need to do to prevent this is to consume 3 servings of fruit a day. It is very easy to reach the fruits even in summer even in the summer with plenty of fruity seasons.

5. Eat green every day:

It is also easier to reach the vegetable besides the fruit in the summer months! It’s time to eat slices, parsley-like greens, and tomatoes! By consuming vegetables at every meal, you can meet your vitamin and mineral needs and prolong your toughness.

Recent studies have also found that hunger control is better provided in individuals who consume salads before eating. In short, 1 bowl of salads each main course helps control weight!

6- Do not forget to protect from sunlight: 

Although the sunlight allows the activation of vitamin D, it is also harmful! Exposure to sunlight for more than 15 minutes a day ages both the skin and the skin.

As a precaution, it is better to consume 2 medium cucumbers per day to protect your skin! You can also help preserve the natural state of your skin with anti-aging fish, tomatoes, and lettuce.

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